Goldy's Porfolio | 3D Modeler

about me
Hey I am GoldyGear467 and i am a 3d modeler i have been modeling for months right now and i am making some really good progression in 3d modeling






Payment Method
You can pay me through group fund or paypal but paypal is kinda broken right now so i prefer group funds for now

Contact Method
you can contact me on my discord: Doppler#5592 or my twitter @WolfyD10
I prefer discord because I am usualy online on discord

(if i do not reply or accept any friend request then i might be asleep or just afk)

-Thank you for reading


ughh i have posted images check in models bud

you gotta click on it… @Aeventy

the price depends on difficulty

so i basicly dont have to list the price yet since if it is really easy to make it can just be 100 robux or something and it depends on dificulty 9-9

a few hours (30 cha r a c t e rs)

Would you be able to make some hats and helmets? If so, contact me here on the Dev Forum.

How much would something like this cost?

that is not for sale since it is for a game

not really but i guess? (30 ch a ra cters)