Good game idea?

Ok, if this has been done before dont bother telling me but I am pretty sure it has not.

So basically, the game is an obby. But with a twist. In the server storage there is 15 stages. The loader script loads one of these stages, randomly. It keeps doing it infinetly. I am adding more types of stages soon but anyways. Every server has a different order of stages. After 50 stages have been loaded, it then loads another 50 that are stages labeled with a hard difficulty, right now its all the same difficulty but I am working on it.

So basically its a obby that generates random stages (Soon Ill make hundreds of different ones so its very unique). Do you think that this obby is a good idea and people will like it? Or is it just a waste of time?


I would recommend having some sort of goal. Aside from just a leaderboard, there should be rewards for reaching a certain number of stages. Perhaps players can earn points by beating each stage. Those points could be used in a shop for both cosmetics or boosts.

I’d almost recommend a system similar to that of those clicker type games. Specifically where difficulty ramps up and you’ll need abilities to make it easier to progress. In addition, rebirths would be a way to do that. But I’m not sure how this type of system would work with obbies. Hopefully at least some of this will help you figure out how you want to expand your game concept.

An obby typically will start out easy and gradually get harder to match the skill of the player. It will be very difficult to control how hard or easy it will be for the players if it is truly random. Perhaps you could make more variations of these stages so that each one has an easy, medium, hard, insane version. They start out all random easy variations, but as the player progresses, you start throwing some mediums in there and then some hards and so on.

You can get money to buy stuff.

Instead of randomness, it might actually be better to have a full “obby”. Then have multiple obbies that have different skill levels and such. Think of it like a sort of speed run map. But the obbies would have to be a lot more interesting and fun than your average obby.

So think of it like this. 5 folders. Each folder is filled with like 50 stages and each folder contains different difficulties.

Firstly, it loads the easy folder in a random order, then it loads all the medium ones, then the hard, then it generates infinetly after like 1000 stages it comes to the hardest one.

Sounds great and I’ll have you two player in a blink of an eye!

Thanks! Ill tell you when its out, but it might be next month until its fully out…

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