Good game ideas abracambo singleplayer NEED OPINIONS

I have a few ideas for my game here are some pictures I’m naming it abracambo singleplayer

Also there will be a multiplayer I want opinions if I should have it 25 robux to join the multiplayer or more robux or less and is it a good access for multiplayer to be pay to join?

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also want opinions on how to make the map look better


Add more trees, add some houses, Add invisible walls at the end of the map [corner] so people can’t leave the map, add bushes, vehicles, some effects. Looks good.

First, can you tell us what is the game about? Also, I dont think it should be pay 2 join multiplayer, because many people just dont have robux, so they would end up leaving, leading you to a loss of players, so the few people who bought the multiplayer acces would leave as well, because whats the point of multiplayer if there are no other players.

thank you were working on basics for know where hoping to be out by christmas!

Ok Thanks for your interesting point. the game is about a 1960’s based type game with quests weather system and events and alot more mechanics

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