Good Lighting/Graphics for SCP Foundation?



Hey developers!

If you do not understand what I mean in the title, I am basically starting development of my new SCPF. If you have visited an SCPF game, such as this one, they have fantastic graphics and lighting.

Can anyone help me out on a tutorial on how to make it look like the graphics from this game?

Thank you!


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Have you tried searching “dark lighting settings roblox”. When I need lighting I often do that and find some nice ones!


I’m not sure if it’s clear @Somnar @kenami but SCP isn’t exactly made by one person, and it has a somewhat-free license. Those SCPF games are based on a much larger body of works written as a community effort (by hundreds of authors) under the Creative Commons license.

According to the licensing guide, either

  1. @bxnani is allowed to copy those two games in their entirety, as those games must be licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA
  2. OR those games are in breach of copyright.

SCP is a community effort to make interesting stories in a fictional world, and making a game or group to play in that fictional world is a completely fine and reasonable contribution to that community. That is, if the game follows the licensing guide or the game only uses SCP for inspiration and doesn’t use any of its stories, entries, etc.

Your advice not to copy work or emulate others’ work is reasonable and in most cases it’s good advice, but this case is an exception.

I would also like to note that basing new work off of existing old work by other creators is extremely common and usually how new genres of games or mechanics proliferate and become common. There’s nothing wrong with taking the idea of “run from scary monsters and contain them in a roleplay environment” and adapting it with your own mechanics and story.


EDIT: Thanks build.

I’ll help address a couple of concerns before I pitch my two cents about the question.

Mentions about “copying” and SCP:
The concept of the “SCP Foundation” is established by the SCP Wiki. The SCP Wiki is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported and all derivative works of it must possess the same license. Refer to Corecii’s post for more information, I’d just be stating something redundant otherwise.

OP, Utakui was referring to the game you linked and how its creator licensed both their game and group under CC-NC-ND 4.0, which goes against SCP licensing regulations and could get him into some trouble regarding licensing. All works with connection to SCP must be CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported. He wasn’t going after you. This response wasn’t necessary.

cc @Fusbot

Anyway, about the topic at hand itself.

There is no “good” when it comes to lighting or graphics regarding your build. This is entirely up to you and what you’re hoping to achieve. My personal experience as a mediocre builder, as well as observation of the builds of others, suggests that your lighting style should compliment your build. Therefore, as opposed to asking for lighting recommendations, you should first build your facility, take some screenshots and play around with effects to see what compliments the atmosphere you’re trying to build. This includes properties of lighting and post-processing effects.

What are you trying to get? A sense of horror and isolation? An old-esque place? Something that looks normal but has a sinister, underlying emotion? Pretty important to take the build you have, develop a theme and then adjust your lighting accordingly.


It looks like the place you linked just has dark lighting and a slight blur on everything (wouldn’t recommend this look, it gives me a headache)

Set the lighting technology to voxel, since it handles lighting a lot better

Low outdoor ambient light and setting the time to midnight handles the basics pretty well

You can then use a color correction effect to spice things up (or tone them down, in this case)
Here the brightness and contrast properties add some contrast (surprise surprise) to keep everything from getting washed out, while pulling the saturation down removes some of the color, making the tone a bit darker

Keep in mind these values are just suggestions, the best thing to do is to mess around with the different lighting settings and post process effects, find something you like that fits with your game.


Not sure if you know or not, but voxel isn’t enabled for live games. At the very least it’d help out with setting lighting up so that it can be compatible and ready for voxel the moment it drops, but it wouldn’t entirely help for determining what looks good without using it.


Finally, something I can use. Thank you!


Ah yeah, I forgot about that.

If the game’s in development it shouldn’t be an issue, since voxel should (hopefully) be live pretty soon.


Plus, claiming Copyright on a CC-BY license item is in of itself illegal.
SCPF literally stands for “Special Containment Procedures Foundation” so claiming that making a “SCPF” game on Roblox is copying another Developer is asinine - if anything both parties involved are making a work based on an open source game / set of ideas.

If it was a developer of a game outside of Roblox, say Croteam for instance, and they wanted to be “more rude” because I was making a clone of their game on Roblox, they would have every right to.

This discussion honestly got a lot more heated than it needed to be, and there’s no basis for the people accusing OP of copying since you can’t copy an open-sourced idea.

Back to the topic at hand, @bxnani

If you’re going for dark lighting, set everything to a sub 40 value in the RGB properties. You could also try and make the lighting have a dark blue or purple (I find it to be good for full moon maps.) But in general, values with no color (40,40,40), (25, 25, 25) etc. look best for really dark maps.

For Voxel lighting, you can currently mimic it somewhat ( the contrast / color parts of it) by adding a ColorCorrection Effect and increasing the contrast & brightness values.


Exact Lighting Settings Used:

Ambient: 0,0,0
Brightness: 1
ColorShift_Bottom: 0,0,0
ColorShift_Top: 0,0,0
Global Shadows: True
Outdoor Ambient: 127,127,127
Outlines: False
Technology: Doesn’t matter, Voxel isn’t live.
Time: Time is dynamic, settings can be personal preference.
Fog: 0,0,0
FogEnd: 1000
FogStart: 10


Bloom Effect: 0 Intensity, 56 Size, 1 Threshold
Blur: 4 Size
Color Correction: 0.2 Contrast (rest default)

Hope this helps!


Thank you everyone for your concern regarding the copyright and CC BY-SA 3.0. issue. In an attempt to resolve this, I have gone through and edited all the copyright information.


Thank you so much for your help. Best of luck in the SCPF community.