Good songs for Fall guys type game? ( Cartoony style )

Any good music cartoony stlyle? please i need them…

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I can suggest you this music


thanks i will try this song… thanks for this!

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I would also suggest you this music Mr Scruff- Kalimba (Ninja Tuna), but I don’t know if it’s copyrighted.

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From my understanding if your using Mr. Scruff music in your own original work you’d need permission, before attempting to use it within your project. However, it’d be worth googling Mr Scruff Ninja Tuna to see if it’s licensed under any of the (Creative Commons licenses).

It’s always good; to do your own little research before using music from Youtube or different websites.

Furthermore: for the OP i would try searching around and seeing what type of cartoony songs your willing to use inside your game. I’m curious audiojungle has cartoony music, sound effects, and more if your willing to purchase music i would look into the “Music license” and see what your allowed to use for.

You’ll want to look for free royalty free sounds - music that can be used for personal use. However it’s nothing wrong with paying for music it’s always good to do it yourself if you can’t find any cartoony music in variety of websites under there licenses.