Goodbye TSL, Hello TRF!

Hello people of TSL!

As you definitely know by now TSL is now finished, it isn’t a game anymore. This means that all branding of TSL is now gone. Welcome to TRF though! TSL was rebranded to TRF and was made to be “more professional and better”, unlike TSL which was not really organised, more rushed, less updates and more.

Since TSL is going into the dust we hope that TRF gathers a new community and a better atmosphere. I can ensure you that we will try and get TRF to be better than TSL and have more of a professional intake. We will be blacklisting users that aren’t following the guidelines.

From now on, to keep exploiters away from the game we will be making the game a group only thing so please be aware of that. We will be doing this as last time our game got hacked, exploited, DDosed and more.

Thank you for reading into this.