Google Analytics Add Place Version to Error Events

I am using the 153590792 module for google analytics, as described in

When reporting custom events, I can specify the Place ID and Place Version and whatever else I want, but I lack any control over the events that are reported for errors. The default category for the error events is “PlaceId-xxx”.

One thing that would be really useful is adding the Place Version number to the error events, so I can know if updates have fixed or reduced the frequency of errors that I am tracking.

Does anyone have any guidance here? Thanks

I just discovered the LogService LogService | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
This allows me to manually log errors like this:

LogService.MessageOut:Connect(function(message, messageType)
    if messageType == Enum.MessageType.MessageError then

And now my analytic error events include a place version:

GA EVENT: Category: [PlaceId-4960735295-PlaceVersion-0] Action: [ServerScriptService.Modules.VipAdminManager:87: attempt to concatenate string with nil] Label: [none] Value: [1]  -  Studio

Here is the automatically created error event for comparison:

GA EVENT: Category: [PlaceId-4960735295] Action: [ServerScriptService.Modules.VipAdminManager:87: attempt to concatenate string with nil | ServerScriptService.Modules.VipAdminManager, line 87
] Label: [none] Value: [1]  -  Studio