Got ideas for my game "Isaac's home"?

I’ve made a earlier topic about this, but this time it’s focused to “ideas for my game”.
I’ve lately added only stuff that i created from my mind, so i would recommend myself to add some object with a democratic way ,sometimes… (not meant to be political).

By the way i also better show my game at first with a link:

If you wanna know more about the game, you can join the Dis and see more information about it or you can read this topic (kind of messed up because it’s outdated):

my grammar was bad that time.

So what’s the goal?
That i need suggestions / ideas for my game, i would be very thankful.
It’s not only about adding things, ya’ll can ask to remove some things ya’ll don’t really find it to fit it in this game. [sorry]

So that’s basically it, no other things to say.