Gradient Stuff (Plugin)

Hey guys (and girls)! This is my first real post on the forum, lol. Still glad to be here.

Anyway let’s keep this short. I’ve made a plugin that helps you add a certain type of “gradient” to your Mesh Parts / Models / Parts / whatever the BasePart class includes. If you increase the thickness it can look like a bevel effect.

I know you could just use a forcefield (which is exactly what the plugin does), but hey! We all like to be lazy sometimes, don’t we :wink:

Plugin Link
get get pls get it!!! hehe


is good? yes?
  • no useless
  • yes good job :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify! You see the account “frame_qt” that made the plugin. That’s my account. So don’t think I stole it! If you need confirmation, add me and message me.

Also, I’d like to hear your feedback on the UI!

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