GradientEditor | Update Log & Info



GradientEditor is almost identical to Roblox’s default Color Gradient Editor. The true intentions for creating this plugin comes from the issues with the default Color Gradient Editor on Roblox Studio for MacOS.

Update Log:

Version 1.1 | Performance, Bug Fixes & Clean up | Updated 05/09/2022:

  • Stability Improvments
    – Details: N/A

  • Removed function to print errors in output
    – Details: This function was originally used in the draft of the plugin but in the final version, no calls were made to it essentially making it pointless to keep in. I finally remembered to get rid of it and am including it in this patch.

  • Removed function to get mouse position relative to a selected widget
    – Details: With the removal of all lines of code that would activate and de-activate the plugin to fix the first mentioned issue, there was only one line of code in the function making it pointless to keep it as a function and not just inlcuded in all lines of code that used it.

  • Put measures in place to prevent unauthorized enabling of widgets belonging to the plugin
    – Details: Widgets belonging to the plugin like the main gradient editor widget and color picker widget are only supposed to be viewable/enabled when the plugin tells it to. Because there isn’t any code to constantly check the state of the widget, it could be enabled via the command bar, explorer, right clicking the menu bar, or other means. In some cases, if the user tried to interact with any of the widgets, errors could have quickly flooded the output. To prevent this, each time a change happens to a widget’s Enabled property, a function is ran to check to make sure all the proper values are available for the widget to function. If a widget is forcibly enabled, it will automatically close.

Version 1.2 | Bug Fixes | Updated 05/20/22:

  • Keypoint overlap switching
    – Details: Plugin now uses Keypoint indicator’s AbsolutePosition to detect whether one is overlapping the other properly. Before, the Keypoint indicator’s scaled position was used to detect if one was overlapping. This caused the issue where the plugin would improperly judge whether one indicator was on top of another. This would sometimes cause starting and ending keypoint indicators to become movable, breaking the ui gradient and editor, as well as creating a massive amount of errors in the output.