Grandè Food Modeller and Machine Modeller

About Grandé

Hello, we are a Cafe and we need some developers to help us. We made a V1 and now we are going to be rebranding everything and a fresh new start as me and my other owners became inactive and we’d like to start it up again. We have 1K+ Members on ROBLOX and we accidentally deleted our Discord.

The Team
@ClearlyJason - Owner
@Kenrick123yeo - Owner

About The Job

We need someone to make Food for us and make machines. Scripting not needed. We also need a few food related models including Cups and Bowls etc.


When the re-brand is over and we launch the cafe. If you stick with us for the first Month you will get 10% at the end of the month. Then for every month following you will get 10% of all earnings. If you want to discuss payment please DM me and we can discuss it. Thank you :slight_smile:

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord ClearlyJason#1528

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Do you need an ordering system by any chance? We are selling pre-orders for 1500 robux for Standard and 3500 Robux for Enterprise.

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Thank you for the offer but I am making the Ordering System and it’s near completion. Thank you so much for the offer. If you’d like a developing role within Grande then please DM me on Discord. ClearlyJason#1528

I’m interested but I don’t have a portfolio for it as I’m currently closed. Although, the payment seems reasonable and fair so I’m wondering if you’re willing to work with me without a portfolio.

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This seems fine as long as you would be willing to make something just so I can see what your skills are like. Or if you have any previous food or machines you have made. DM me on Discord. It’s in the post.

I’m not a food modeler or machine modeler but I was wondering if your looking for any GFX designers?

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Do you have a portfolio I could see?

Yes, do you prefer Discord to communcate? I sent you a DM

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