Grand Community — Department Information

In order to maintain activity, communication and successful operations here at Grand Community, our Grand Resorts Corporate & Presidential Team have published and provided four departments at our community experiences. The purpose of each department is to assist with our public operations and the experience of our Grand Community. Each consecutive and respective department will be displayed and provided below.

Overseeing Department
— Objective: The Overseeing Department consists of all Presidential Team members. The Overseeing Department superintends to maintain organized, structural and operational departments to keep our group and departments operating at a steady pace. Without the Overseeing Department existing, administrative authority would not be possible without them.

Moderation Department
— Objective: The Moderation Department is responsible for maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment such as a communications server for our community. The Moderation Department superintends to keeping our ROBLOX facilities and communications server safe and away from community rule-breakers. They conduct moderation punishments in situations where needed and ensure all community members stay safe and enjoy their time throughout our Grand facilities. The Moderation Department is mainly present for your safety, but if they can do anything to enhance your experience; please feel free to open a ticket and let them know.

Public Relations Department
— Objective: The Public Relations Department is responsible for hosting community events to increase community activity overall. They are also responsible for sustaining the reputation and relationships towards affiliates. The Public Relations Department hosts game-nights as well as server-wide events such as spirit weeks often. By hosting regular events and affiliate visits or event collaborations, this brings us closer as a community; granting opportunities beyond Grand Resorts.

Employment Department
— Objective: The Employment Department here at Grand Resorts and community are responsible for administrating moderative punishments such as staff warnings and strikes and coming to terms of certain appeal voting, staff advancements and demotions, Middle and High Rank team management as well as managing the vast majority of submitted inactivity notices. This department is a crucial fragment to the group and community and administrative authority would not be possible without them at any given time.