Grand Hotel & Resort | New User Guide

Hi, you are probably here from our game page/group on the ROBLOX website. This is a nifty little tutorial to help you get situated when first joining our group!

  • Rules
    The rules are simple:
    • Follow ROBLOX TOS,
    • Use items that come with your rank appropriately,
    • Guests have privacy, no going into random guests rooms.
    • Use proper grammar, if you are seen not using grammar, there is a chance you will be demoted.
    • Use hotel etiquette, always treat the guest politely.

  • What we expect of you working at our hotel
    We expect a lot out of our employees, no matter if you are just Housekeeping, or a high ranking admin, so make sure you follow these things.
    • Treat other staff members with the same respect and politeness as you would a customer.
    • Treat all customers with respect, we serve every kind, it doesn’t matter who or what.

topic continued soon