Grand Racing game GFX

Just GFX I made


Wow looks so cool! The one thing I don’t like however is the lighting, maybe give it a warmer tone? Well, that’s about it, keep up the good work :call_me_hand:


I also think it’s a bit dark along with some textures that could be changed. In the first photo, you should make the font the same as all the other fonts along with the update tag in the 2nd photo.
I realized that there is a lot of red in all the photos so maybe add some more white, blue, green, yellow, etc.

I try to be as critical as possible so I hope it helps, looks good overall.
Is this for a game or is this some practice?

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It’s not bad! The first one you made is a little weird for the text. It kind of blends with the floor and t doesn’t really look the best. That’s just what I think though. Overall, it’s actually pretty good! Continue the great work!