Grant my game access to a Google Spreadsheet?

Hi there!

Is it possible for me to grant my game access to a google spreadsheet without literally just storing the email address and password of my google account in a server script? I want to use a spreadsheet to store some data that the game is going to use.

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You may be intent on using Google spreadsheets; But before you do, what is your use case? A lot of things can be accomplished via Data stores and Messaging Service. Google sheets is not a reliable place to store data, especially if you want your game to support more than 1k players one day.

In regard to your question; You may be able to find a API key to use, but most likely there is no other way.

Iโ€™m not sure what kind of data I want to store yet haha. I just want to know if the functionality exists. I was considering using it for player data because I want to see all the data in spreadsheet form. That way I could perform lots of searches on data but if itโ€™s not reliable then it seems pointless.

Thanks for the input!

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Google sheets is reliable; The problem is that it has limits on max size and such. Your game would not be able to support many players at once.

There are a ton of database resources you could use, a lot of them have modules written for them here on the DevFourm. Most of them may cost a monthly fee, but they are usually more reliable than roblox data stores.

However, if you donโ€™t need anything special, I would stick with roblox data stores.