Graphic Design Pricing Problem

I’ve been trying to find the right price to set my Graphics at for quite a long time, some people say about 750 Robux, while others go ahead and tell me Im way overpricing and It should be more, I decided to have it as the middle man and set the prices as this for now, can i get any feedback on what you think the price should be?


Those are really good Id love hire you op, To get on topic I would probably price them at 750-2,500 depending on the gfx.


They seem very well made… 500-1700 would be an optimal price in my opinion, of course depending on what sort of GFX it is .

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I would say 600 - 1400, the GFX is well made and realistic. Also, you can’t ask for prices on the forums.

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Wait really? I didn’t know that

Please do not use the Cool Creations category to ask for price estimates. This category is only for showcasing your works and getting feedback on the work itself. “Price feedback” is not an appropriate feedback topic for this category, feedback should only pertain to the work itself.

It’s up to you how much your work is worth and I agree with your prices, although if finding work is difficult you could sell cheaper alternatives that take less effort, up to you of course.