Graphic Help. [RIGS]

How do I duplicate a rig without having it show the same properties as the regular one.

Can you please elaborate on what you’re trying to say? I am extremely confused.

When I duplicate the BlenderRig in Blender. It copies the meshID, etc. I can not find how to fix this issue. If you want a screenshot, I can send one.

Yeah, screenshot would help. Do you mean, when you duplicate a rig, it only duplicates the body, but not the bits to actually bend the body? (The lines)

As you can see, it copies all the meshID’s when I duplicate it from the first render. Is it because all the properties are the same?

I’m not too sure either on what you’re aiming for, but I believe that you’re trying to change the materials of the limb on the new rigged character. When you duplicate these rigs (I’ve used them before, great rigs!), they’ll duplicate the materials which you can change on your own via the material properties.

Both meshes in the rig share the same material automatically and will do so until changed, so you’ll have to go through the above method to change it.

I’ve used very similar rigs before, so if this isn’t the answer you were looking for, I can try and help!

If you’re still looking for an answer, make a copy of the rig file and import both of them into Blender. That should give you two different rigs with different properties.

Try making two copies of the rig, and importing one, and then append the objects of the second rig, its usually what I do, but then again I use a different rig.