Graphics levels 8 and 9 COMPLETELY BREAK on iMac 5k fullscreen


Hi there,

After all the lag and problems with my 2009 mac, I am here with a brand new 5k Retina Display iMac. Loaded up Roblox on it, and cranked the graphics level to the highest. I am greeted with this insanity:

The quirky thing is…it only happens in fullscreen. It works juuust fine outside of fullscreen:

Do tell me if I need to provide a microprofiler dump or screen shot any stats.

Rending issue on some Windows and Mac computers

This is what you get for using an iMac!

Mac seems to always have more issues with Roblox.


Why are there so many issues with iMac’s. It’s not like the guts of the computer are much different than a pc. They both have the same capabilities. Macs seeming to have more faults in studio and the roblox player than pcs are solely responsible by roblox. It’s a compatibility issue, not which one is better :man_shrugging:.


Imo just bootcamp windows. Maybe you’ll end up liking it and not buying a 5k iMac, but a better specced, arguably cheaper PC next time around.

As for the problem at hand, my guess is a flaw in integration with the Metal API?


My guess is it’s a Metal driver bug. We’ve hit a lot of these. I don’t think we have an iMac at the office so this will take time to investigate.

When will the lousy MacOS support for Roblox Studio end?

Should the office invest in more iMacs then? I’m fairly surprised that with so many mac players, there are no macs available in the office for testing.


To be honest for the price of an iMac you could build a beast of a really nice multi monitor PC but that’s just me.

Anyway, do you seem to have any other graphics issues regarding tearing or stuttering?


Wasn’t the one who bought it, won’t and can’t be getting any sort of computer anytime soon.


We do have iMacs, we probably don’t have the specific one you have an issue with. Anyway, as I said, we’ll look into this.


Oh, sorry, I ended up fixing this a while ago. I had to upgrade my computer to high sierra to fix this. This also fixed a ton of other problems that were graphic related, including completely omitting meshparts from the renderer. Got a mac? Running on a version before the latest version? Upgrade away.


I just used a patch to force upgrade to high Sierra. Everything runs so much better…


What do you mean? Why would you have to force it?


Its an older computer that Mac cut off from upgrades.