Grass Terrain VS Grass Part - Witch One Is Better/Less Lag?

Hello, I’ve recently been working on an ultra realism game & I have been constantly wondering the question my self, as well as being asked by a few other people.
I can’t exactly tell witch one could be possibly better comparing with Ultra Realism and lag for people on mobile or any type of lag in general.

My Original Plan For The Game: I was originally thinking of phasing out details of the terrain for the further it goes, for example, the spawn point has ultra realistic grass & other terrain features, but as the terrain reaches farther out it gets less quality, such as degrading to no grass terrain (leafy grass) then farther out degrading just to the block part of grass.

The main thing I’m trying to get at here is if compared to the quality of the terrain, and the lag it causes I’d like to know if its worth to put in grass terrain or if it should be grass parts (I have noticed small amounts more of lag when its the realistic grass and less lag when the part, but for the ultra realism I’d like it to be realistic as possible, in total the grass parts close to where people would be would be defeating the purpose of Ultra Realism.

If you know the answer to this or rather an explanation please let me know :slight_smile:


Grass blocks are really ugly. Just go with terrain. The lag isn’t that much on terrain and they are constantly improving upon it.

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I don’t think the grass terrain causes too much lag, I’ve run a large grass map on mobile before, and it ran pretty well. I think the less detail/more far out idea is a good one, as not a lot of players would really venture out that far if there’s detail at the center to keep them distracted.

Hope your game goes well!


I can agree, however this game includes alot more of being in the air high up rather than walking around on the ground or going far out on the ground. As super far out terrain would not be needed rather just causing some lag.

If you want an unlevel, varying, realistic piece of land (which I think is what you want), and you use grass parts, not only is it going to be hard, but it is going to take thousands of parts. Parts that will still exist even when your a million studs in the sky. If you do the same with terrain, it is going to look so much better, be easier to build, and use about the same number of entries, thus the same (or less) amount of lag.

Please go with terrain. It is an infinitely better choice.

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Alright, I will take this into big consideration. Thank You :slight_smile: