Gravity acting weird

HI! I’ve been working on studio and I found out that the gravity in workspace is acting weird:

I’ve tried to create a new place and nothing has changed, does anyone know what caused this problem? Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
Sorry if I posted my topic in the wrong category!

is the part being affected by anything?

I think no, I only moved the part to the mid-air

restart ur pc and it should be fixed

alright thanks, I will try it out

If you haven’t added any bodymovers to it, it might be worth double-checking that workspace’s gravity is still at 196.2 ss^-2 (studs / second^2)

yes it is, I checked it a couple of times.

This could be due to “Physics Environmental Throttle” in Studio Settings is set to Skip.


I restarted my pc and nothing has changed, but thanks!

Yes it is set to skip, I will try to reset all settings and see if it would work, thanks!

if that doesnt work delete every studio file than reinstall it.

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Skip basically makes the physics skip frames. So thats why its acting weird.

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It worked! I set it to Dfault Auto, thanks!