Greater Wilds: Announced!

What is Greater Wilds?

The Wilds, a deep forest valley tucked in an ancient world. There are many creatures here–some large–and most small. Beware, as the wilds are greater than you. You must level up, and learn how to craft greater items to defeat powerful bosses.


Rumors say that there is a ritual, hidden by the ancient people, to travel to an ancient world of scarlet creatures. Those to have survived the journey to and from have gained unnatural powers, those of the gods.


Grubs, said to live in caves, don’t taste good, but are food nonetheless. For those who can’t yet defeat other creatures, grubs are a worthy food source.

Deer are an essential source of food and hide. They may take energy to defeat, but their meat and hide is worth it.


Twine is an essential for the crafting of tools and low-level armor. It comes from plants. However, higher level twine, to create stronger armor, can be crafted with hide.

thats about it
However, a demo for one song has been released.

LISTEN HERE: arti's lullaby (demo ver.) - YouTube