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Hello ADI Staff!

The training center now has an info page (here). This page serves as your prime resource for becoming an Adi Studios staff member!

You can find resources such as “What’s the highest rank to which I can train?” and “What’s the Adi Handbook?” Just browse through the various categories listed.

How far can I train?

Staff can train up to Wise staff, The rest can be promoted up.

What are the training times?

For now its 3pm everyday, But if no one shows up ADI can’t be sure of trainings.

What can get me demoted?

You can get demoted by:
Harming ADI’s brand,
Asking for promotion,
Being rude to members.
Being rude to Staff
Breaking any rules on the Roblox platform

Thank you for reading ADI Staff or Trainee’s!

Link to ADI Training Center - Roblox

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