Group Games - Ability to modify rank/role through Lua API


I would love to have this to work with

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This would be great to have solely in Lua, but for the moment, you can probably write a script that connects to a site and tells it to log onto a bot account that has permissions in the group to change players’ ranks.

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This would be great, support :smiley:

There would just have to be a way to allow only certain games to be able to change the rank, maybe only games made by the group and then possibly a way to manually add other games that are allowed rank change privileges as well?

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Support. Allow changing ranks even to ranks that can exile other members?

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I just fear that this can be heavily abused by exploiters in non FE-games or FE-games with some flaws.

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Temple of Memories already does this through an external server and a bot account thanks to @As8D. It’s not to hard to set up, make sure you appoint an access key too. From already experiencing the effects, it’s a really good idea, support.

My group ranks are based on the levels people are in-game.



The group owner should be able to configure promotion privileges per-game similar to group permissions.

As can everything many other things – if you don’t want to open up the potential for that to happen, then don’t enable it in your games. Otherwise, groups that can responsibly manage their places can enable it. They can also limit the ranks the API can promote to in order to prevent any serious damage, should a vulnerability in their game be discovered.



What if ROBLOX made a better Group API to deal with this? I’m pretty sure they would considering that they are doing a revamp of the groups page in 1-2 months.

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Better group API as in one that can be used in-game to promote/demote users? Yeah – I completely agree – that’s what I’m suggesting.



What about the countless groups that use a third party admin as kohl’s (or what the latest one is)? They can for instance sideload a script to change ranks. (This is a mere explain, I am not implying that someone will go rogue or so.)

Sure, this is an ok idea but there are too many security flaws in my opinion to this and making so that groups can limit it is still pretty risky to be honest as pretty much “any clan/group” would use this instantly without looking at the major flaws (depending on how it is designed ofc). Atleast a sort of secret key that is supplied with the call would be needed to be somewhat more secure eg game:GetService( ‘GroupService’ ):SetRoleInGroup( intGroupID, strSuperSecretKey, intRole ) ;

A better web api - for sure, I would love that as the current methods are a tad hacky, heh.



Your suggestion doesn’t sound like a bad idea. ROBLOX could generate a code when rank changing was enabled and display it on the game config page. Developers would then copy that and use it in their invocations of the rank changing method. There shouldn’t be any security issues after that – in fact, it’d be more secure than current implementations using user-hosted webservers as even if the server code is stolen through an exploit, that can’t be used to access the promotion API as it has to be done through that game, as opposed to a webserver which takes requests from anywhere.



I support this idea. Of course there would need to be a few work-around’s to this in order to prevent exploiters from promoting themselves in random groups, such as it can only be used in group games and as a server script. Other than that, a solid idea.



I absolutly think this idea should be done, this will reduce the use of httpservice (not that thats a bad thing) for war clans and other groups. 100% support!



Hello everyone!

So right now it is impossible to give and remove ranks from a user in rbx.lua without using httpservice, it would kinda work like this:

game:GetService(“GroupService”):PlayerAddRank(int userId,int rank, int groupid)

it would return if they are in the group and give them the rank so provided in the group id provided, will error if that rank is not in role set, if the player does not exist and if the group does not exist, can not be called from a local script. if the rank was lower then the rank the user has then it would lower their rank. I think this would most be used by the war clans as they would no longer have to use httpservice to do this.

Thanks for reading and I hope you support this idea! :wink:

Heres another post: Group Games - Ability to modify rank/role through Lua API



I was wrong.

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I have updated the feature request to follow the template and improved the general reasoning of the post. Previous concerns are now addressed in the OP.



quick note for ur desc of this berezaa games actually does use a bot to give ranks based on if they enter a special code they get from a discord bot which is unique to that player, just so u know.

That is the bot, it is one rank above “Ranked Member”



Was going to make my own post suggesting this, but came across this one. Now seems like the best time to bring light to this topic, but I also wanted to add a thought of my own on why this feature should be worked on.

A problem a lot of groups face is bots. No matter what we do, they will always find a way through. The groups which experience these most are larger ones, where the group wall would usually be relatively useless anyway. If we had the ability to rank members based on how they do in our games, we could stop bots from getting through how they do now (since the requirements to get group wall posting privileges in our games should be pretty high). Not only does this benefit group owners by keeping bot posts out, but large groups can also gate off the group wall to a small number of their players in the higher ranks, bringing the group wall back as a place for discussion.

If this is done, Roblox would of course need to let us reset this key on the off chance it gets leaked. However, my idea for how it would work is that we could add and remove game IDs (or maybe place IDs) in the group admin page which are given permission to modify the ranks and use other potential group API. I’m not sure if this method is more or less secure, or how much more useful it is. However, it would prevent even leaked scripts from giving others’ access to modifying your group through the API.



Adding something like this to the Roblox engine would be greatly beneficial to me as I have been trying to figure out a way to automatically rank people within my group but have found no success as it is a somewhat complicated task to do and I currently do not know much about this.


I have spent a good month attempting to find a way to rank people via a script, but seeing as I have little experience in web design, I have had no suck luck.

About 3 months ago, I had successfully created a group bot using this tutorial which could do many things like change a user’s rank, and create a group shout. However, since Roblox added the NewCaptcha, it has not worked. That is why I have been attempting to find a new way.

The author of the tutorial mentioned above has updated the post to inform users of how to get around the NewCaptcha update, but I have found it complicated and because of that have not been able to achieve it.

That is why I think it would be a wonderful idea to have a Roblox API that allows developers to change ranks by script.