Group Games tab not apperaing?

My friends and myself have decived to take part in the Group Games update and try it out for ourselfs, I went ahead and updated it as a game to the group, yet it appears in Develop > Group Creations > Games. Now it apepars both as a game and a place. When I go to the place and join the game itself Found here the group’s page Also Found Here doesn’t appear to have a Game’s tab. Yet, in my Group Creations it still appears Picture.

Try going into Group Admin > Settings > Group games are visible on the group home page

It’s a checkbox.

Osyris reported this earlier and it was filed by SquidCod. I’m sure it’ll be fixed soon now that it’s been filed.

hmm, Its only an option for the group’s owner I don’t remember ever reading that it would be, but I guess it would be logical to only allow the groups owner to enable/disable it, thanks!