Group Graphic Improvements

Seeking Improvements

Hello, I’m AwBlox.
I’m here to seek suggestions and improvements on how I should improve my Graphics. Please reply with some of your comments and suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated!

Review 1:

Review 2:
Review 3:

Thank you for your comments and for checking out this topic! I’ll be reviewing the replies and see on how I can improve my work.


Is there any way where I can change some of the settings in Blender to improve the quality, lighting etc?
However, note that I am already aware of using Bloom, Ambient Occlusion and HDRIs.


If you want to spend time on lighting i suggest using the sun ‘setting’ for lighting on blender people say it makes it look bad but it can look good if you know what your doing with lighting and if you get it at the right angle.

The shadows under the legs (in Review 1) makes the characters look as if they are floating off the ground. Maybe try working on that?

You should work on the poses. On the first two GFX, there is very small movements. Also try and implement a light source of the same colour when doing that glowing character effect.

Hey @AwBloxx! Your graphics are amazing. What do you use to edit your graphics? For the renders, I recommend a bit more lighting and some effects to the GFX.