Group Name Getting Moderated

I am currently trying to create a group on roblox for my development related projects. I chose to call the group “Mapyl” as it is simply the word Maple, just spelt differently. As I was going through the group creation process, I was stopped from making the group as the group name was filtered with the message “This name is moderated.” Confused, I went inside a game and just said “Mapyl” and it was not moderated. I also tried changing the name to “Maypel,” but I got the same result (I also tested this name by saying it inside a game, again, it was not censored). I am not entirely sure why it is being filtered, as there is nothing inappropriate about the word, but I’m assuming it’s because of the unique placement of letters. I’ve already tried contacting roblox support, but they did not provide any relevant or useful information to me, so I am posting here to get more information.