Group owner role not showing up

I noticed over the past couple of days, that some groups don’t have their owner role showing and I thought it was a new roblox feature, but apparently it wasn’t according to some of my friends. It’s a bug and it’s an issue. I’m using the Rogue Lineage group as an example, all you have to do is go to the group and you will notice that the top role is the Developers role and it has multiple people in it, although the group owner role is called Owner not Developers, according to the owners profile. A long with it being impossible to have more than one player as the owner role in a group.


I can reproduce this on mobile on Safari iOS 13.4

The roles are still appearing (I was able to click on the owners role)

however, the drop menu was getting cut off

I was able to reproduce this by using a test group, the bottom role(s) get cut off if you have no wall posts, however if you have wall posts, the roles will remain visible

No wall posts:

With wall post:


Can you provide the link to this group? nvm found it :slight_smile:


@WhoseTrade is right, it’s because the dropdown menu is getting cut off at the bottom in groups with no wall. Will look into fixing this, thanks for the report :slight_smile: