Group payouts from different group games!

Recently, I’ve hit a small fork in the road. I have multiple developers working for me, 1 is coding one game , the other is coding another game. Right now, the feature in group payouts makes it so you can set a recurring payout to a developer for ALL income towards the group.

This bothers me, since if my second developer decides to help me make the second game, that means the first developer receives funds from that game, and if I decide to just create another group, then I lose all the current players in the previous group.

So here is what I propose:
In the revenue>Payouts tab, have a drop down menu of all the group games currently public in the group. When a game is selected, have it show the revenue being distributed from that set game like the following:

This way, amounts can be distributed to the proper developers instead of being absorbed to all one spot.

This is just a suggestion, but It would help many developers immensely!


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