Group Private Servers

The title is pretty straightforward, but I think that both private servers and groups would benefit from working with each other. They could work similarly to Personal Servers, where you can give permission to join to everyone in a group but you can ban group members from that private server the same way you would a personal server, which would just remove their permission. Say you wanted to host a group event at The Quarry or Mad Paintball and a group member was being obnoxious - you could just ban them from the Config menu like you would with a Personal Server.

I could imagine this would be very useful for war clans; inviting the two groups that are dueling and whatnot so other players don’t disturb them. Also a much better alternative than inviting people one at a time if all of your friends are already in a group.
Or - as a basically alternative suggestion as well - we could also be able to just set it to allow any friends of the owner or certain member of the server in.

I remember posting the same general idea here but neato. :slight_smile:

[quote] I remember posting the same general idea here but neato. :slight_smile: [/quote]

Must’ve missed that! It’s an idea that’s been floating around in my head for a while - great minds think alike?