Group Rank Up Bot

There have been posts in the past similar to this but the reason I made this is because I’d like to know how those bots are made, I don’t want to hire anybody to do it for me. I also put it in scripting support because I wasn’t sure where else I would put it. How are those group bots that rank you up if you have a certain item made? Is it a separate software?

You have to use external code not on roblox. Here is a link to an automatic application center if you want to look into it. -->

Oh thank you, I will take a look.

What would be the external software for the code I’d use? Do you have a recommendation or link?

Well Glitch is not an very safe solution, it can be easily be exploited and exploiters and can give their selves an High Rank or Co-Owner.

I recommend you guys try making your own if you are to use other peoples code and so on they would well be able to mass AA your game or group if they ever got mad at you.

Its not the software’s fault if someone exploits it, its the developers. You have to secure it yourself, Glitch already provides the service for you.

not the developers at least not entirely, sometimes developers leave back doors into the game and sell them to people but otherwise no it would not be the developers fault

Glitch is a rather good platform for hosting small projects, such as this. As long as you put anything that should not be shown to the end user (discord tokens, roblox tokens, passwords, all that) in the project enviroment file.

As long as you secure all endpoints, you should be fine. You should implement stuff like RoCheck into this, to verify that the request is indeed coming from a Roblox server, and not some person trying to get free stuff from the bot.

And always make sure to make the project private on Glitch, unless you are rather sure that there is no way to exploit that ranking bot.

Glitch works for many groups but I personally prefer to use a virtual private server (VPS). Amazon Web Services offers a free trial for a year and Google Cloud Platform has a free tier plan (it’s a lower end shared machine, not dedicated, but it works). The systems are based on API wrappers, noblox.js (disclaimer: I am the maintainer) and bloxy are both popular ones There is a noblox.js-server package which offers an API you can interact with using HttpService requests to execute noblox.js functions. Using public services like and Glitch may leave your .ROBLOSECURITY exposed and your account subject to unauthorized actions. It’s better to use the private plans on those platforms or get a VPS.

I’ll take a look at those. Thanks for the feedback everyone!