Group ranks linked to game ranks-How to?

I am a dev for a security group, and need help with making group ranks connected to in-game ranks.
This gets the rank number based on group ID and player
This returns the name of a rank based on group ID and player

Thanks, but it is giving me an “Unable to cast string to int64”.
The script is:

print(“Player is a” … player:GetRoleInGroup “in the group!”)


local GroupId = 0000000; -- Put your group id here

    print(Player.Name .. (Player:IsInGroup(GroupId) and " is in group" or " is not in group"))
    print(Player.Name .. "'s rank is " .. Player:GetRoleInGroup(GroupId))

the issue is you never pass group id, and instead try passing a string.


Alright, thank you! That helped a lot with development.

No problem, good luck with development and best of luck with any future en-devours.

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