Group Recruiting Plaza Event Center Changelog

Event Center Changelog / Updates

This is where our updates are posted for you to see.

Please forward any bugs to myself ( @MikelAxius) or any other member Community Relations Team.

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Update #3
Date : Wednesday 3/24/2021

Brand new event center , everything was remade from scratch by @Duuuckxz .

  • Added a new minigame , Lazer tag.
  • Added rentable clothing stands & game portals. (Thanks to @Wizrred )
  • Ingame Currency & Ingame Shop for you to purchase upgrades.
  • Side Quest & Easter eggs.

Update #2
Date : Monday November 30th

  • Spectate UI & Teleportation UI Updated to look more professional. (Thanks to @Jkx2 )
  • Added a new minigame , the Maze!
  • Christmas Update (Christmas Decorations etc)
  • Obby has been remade
  • Sword Fighting map has been remade
  • Bug fixes (Text Clipping , Walls siezing etc)

Update #1
Date : Monday July 27th

  • Spectate GUI updated ; you can no longer move around when spectating someone
  • Added a confirmation GUI when getting into the portal (asks you if you want to teleport to the main game or not)
  • Musical Chairs can now fit 52 people
  • Age script added to prevent new accounts (Trolls , exploiters , etc)
  • Spectate GUI updated
  • 2 new commands added! ( :canjump & :canreset)
  • Improved the teleporters
  • Fixed some minor issues with the obby (No more impossible jumps!)

Update Contributors:

Wizrred & Mikelfiend