Group Recruiting Plaza Frequently Asked Questions

Group Recruiting Plaza Frequently Asked Questions

This document was made by @MikelAxius to answer any frequently asked questions , if you feel like this post does not answer your question please feel free to reachout to our staff members in our discord. (You can find social links here)

Staff may redirect you to this post if they believe your question has been asked before and has a detailed answer in here.

You can find the Plaza’s Frequently Asked Questions below & if your looking for something specific use the search feature to find it faster (Ctrl + F)

Q: How do I become a mod at Group Recruiting Plaza?

A: To join our Moderation Team you need to first join our Support Team as an Observer , you can do that by being active and helpful both ingame & in our discord.

And if you are doing a good job at being an Observer you will be noticed by the team & you will be nominated to become a Trial Moderator where you will go through a trial period & eventually join the team as a Moderator if & when you pass your trial.

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Q: Someone is breaking the rules where can I find a mod?

A: If someone is breaking any of our rules please report it in our discord server with proof so our team of capable Moderators can handle it.

You can know more about reporting when you join our discord server (You can find social links here) & if you need any assistance feel free to reach out to an Observer.

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Q: Someone is claiming to be staff how can I be sure?

A: If a staff member is not on the staff team & does not have the staff tag on ask them if they are staff.

You can make sure they are staff by checking the group to make sure they have the “Moderator” or the “Senior Moderator” role.

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Q: How do I become a contributor?

A: You can get the contributor rank by purchasing the :robux_light:1000 T-Shirt in the group store.

After doing that you can contact a Senior Moderator on ROBLOX or Discord to get ranked but before doing so make sure your inventory is public so it can be done as fast & as efficient as possible.

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Q: How can I make sure that I am not breaking any rules?

A: Make sure to read the rules if you haven’t already and if you have & you are still in doubt feel free to reachout to an Observer.

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Q: What is Plaza Pay?

A: Plaza Pay is a feature that was implemeted into the Plaza that is subscription based that offers the user different perks such as changing chat bubble colors & representing a group of their choosing with custom tags.

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Q: How do I ally with the Plaza?

A: We do not ally with any ROBLOX groups but we have our own Discord Partner program for more information join our discord & contact our partnership manager. (You can find social links here)

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Q: Am I allowed more than one booth?

A: No , groups are not allowed to have more than one booth to represent your booth or service.

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