Group Walls Should Be Replaced by Threads

Could this please be moved to #platform-feedback:website-features?

As a Roblox player, community member, and developer, it is currently too hard to keep track of separate conversations on group walls.

This is why I would like the group wall to be replaced with a thread system.

A user would be able to create “threads”, which other users would then be able to reply to.

Group moderators would be able to keep discussions civil by locking and deleting threads, as well as pinning them to the top of the list so they show for everyone.

Ideally, there would be multiple permissions for this system, in order of increasing power:

  • Reply to threads
  • Create threads
  • Pin threads
  • Lock threads
  • Delete threads

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my Roblox experience because it would make unique conversations easier to track, and make it easier to filter through noise to find real conversations on walls.