Group & Web API

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to make a reliable bot in order to handle and manage big groups.

Previously, we could easily make a bot and handle all our demands through an open source Roblox API made by the community, however because of the recently released, FUN Captcha, it made the login process impossible. There are still some workarounds however they are highly unreliable and need constant maintance.

Roblox has great potential in creating healthy communities, however it is heavily ruined by how limited the provided tools are.

If Roblox addresses this issue, we would have plenty of ways we could interact with our community, from automatic promotions(for mostly but not limited to community games) to giving roles after certain criteria is met(for example getting a high score).

There are so many things we could create, but the tools are just not there.

2 Likes (v1 API works fine, but I’d advise to use v2 where possible)

Previous suggestion for what you are asking: Log in with ROBLOX, OAuth, SSO

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Title doesn’t match body. You’re asking for group and “web” (?) API in the title, yet the body implies you want a way for bot accounts to log in and access (a part of) the REST API.

Closing in favor of the thread linked above since you don’t have a concrete request in your thread. If above is not what you want, please file a more specific feature request.

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