Grouping local variables to not exceed the 200 limit in a function

Hey All,

I have a long script in ServiceScriptService that handles the calling and saving of player data. There is a lengthy function in the script that exceeds the 200 local variables allowed to be present a function. I need to find a way around this 200 local variable limitation.

Here is an example of the function with 200+ local variables:

function onPlayerEntered(player)

-- Setup the keys for data storage
local initKey = "user_" .. player.UserId .. "_init"
local moneyKey = "user_" .. player.UserId .. "_money"
local invenValKey = "user_" .. player.UserId .. "_invenVal"
local invenCountKey = "user_" .. player.UserId .. "_invenCount"
-- Another 50 of these types of local variables

-- If player does not have values or if debug mode is on, set the default values
if (datastore:GetAsync(initKey) == nil or debugMode == true) then
	datastore:SetAsync(initKey, true)
	datastore:SetAsync(moneyKey, 0)
	datastore:SetAsync(invenValKey, 0)
	datastore:SetAsync(invenCountKey, 0)
	-- Another 50 of these types of local variables

-- Set the variables from datastore if player already has values
local init = datastore:GetAsync(initKey)
local money = datastore:GetAsync(moneyKey)
local invenVal = datastore:GetAsync(invenValKey)
local invenCount = datastore:GetAsync(invenCountKey)
-- Another 50 of these types of local variables

-- Setup the stats
local leaderstats ="Folder")
leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"
leaderstats.Parent = player

local moneyCount ="IntValue")
moneyCount.Name = "Money"
moneyCount.Value = money
moneyCount.Parent = leaderstats

local value ="IntValue")	
value.Name = "InventoryValue"
value.Value = invenVal
value.Parent = player

local count ="IntValue")
count.Name = "InventoryCount"
count.Value = invenCount
count.Parent = player
	-- Another 50 of these types of local variables

I tried to decrease the local variable count by placing a group of local variables into a table. I would then reference those items in the table like this:

local dataTable = {	
	init = datastore:GetAsync(initKey),  -- Previously local variables
	money = datastore:GetAsync(moneyKey),
	invenVal = datastore:GetAsync(invenValKey),
	invenCount = datastore:GetAsync(invenCountKey),
	-- Reapeat for the other 50

-- Reference the above table items in stats
    local moneyCount ="IntValue")
    moneyCount.Name = "Money"
    moneyCount.Value = dataTable[money]	-- BUT money is underlined RED and not recognized
    moneyCount.Parent = leaderstats
     -- And so forth with the other stats

When referencing the dataTable[money], money is underlined in RED and studio doesn’t recognize it- Unkown global ‘money’

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong or a better approach to decreasing the local variable count?

You will want dataTable[money] is indexing dataTable with the value of an unknown variable money. You don’t need separate keys for different values, just save 1 big table with everything in it.

You have a lot of refactoring to do. Also try considering to use modules instead of values.

Thanks for the response. I’ll use the method. I can clearly see that my script can be streamlined better. Would you mind going into a little more detail about refactoring and using modules?

Each player would have their own module script which returns a table, each key being some piece of data.

So your table would look something like

return {
    init = default_init_vale,
    money = default_money_value,
    invenVal = default_invenVal_value,
    invenCount = default_invenCount_value,
    -- ... 50 more values i guess

i don’t know if you really need 50 other pieces of data to save though

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