GroupService limitations?

I am unable to find the limitations for GroupService’s GetGroupInfoAsync function.
Does anyone know if there’s a true limit on how often this function can be called?

It seems to run just fine when I have a 5 second delay between every call.

Call it 10 times per second to see if it fails. If not, it could also be caching data it already recieved, so maybe test with a couple groups.

It does not cache the result, I’m just surprised there’s no limit.
I have now called the function 200 times (one call every second) to see how it would react.
And, it seems to be pretty stable.

There are limitations that I’ve experienced with other API that retrieves website data, such as MarketPlaceService, but you really have to spam it to get it to start complaining. It’s not recommended to loop through thousands of IDs without any sort of pcall to retry until it works. Although, perhaps you might want to reconsider what you’re doing if you have to do that to begin with.

Also, I’m just waiting for GroupService to be able to get more information like group games and sold assets. I would also love other API for the other parts of the website as well, such as the game page (which should return visits, age recommendation, and game rating).

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