GUI being used as intro unable to take up the whole screen, and is covered by Roblox GUIs

So recently I’ve been trying to make a “test” build of an intro, something very simple with fading and moving labels.
However, I encountered a problem; I want the intro to take up a whole players screen for about 5 or so seconds (to allow the game to load), however, I was unable to scale the GUI above the in built Roblox GUI in the game, and my prototype intro was covered by the leaderboard.

(not final product btw)

(Referring to the top of the image)

Is there any way I could fix this, or are there any other alternate methods I could use to make an intro?
I would appreciate it.

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This is due to the ‘IgnoreGuiInset’ property being set to false


In order to fill the whole screen, the frame needs to have “IgnoreGuiInset” set to false.You can do this by going to the frame’s properties.