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hi everyone :wave:
I’m making a Gui Button Flag, but there is an error in this script I don’t know how to fix it, when i press Button then button it will give rbxassetid Image. to the StringValue which I put in ReplicatedStorage but when I click on Current Server and look into. ReplicatedStorage and then look at StringValue I don’t see the rbxassetid image. in StringValue that I put in ReplicatedStorage.
can anyone help me :pray: :disappointed_relieved:
Look Video:

ScreenGui LocalScript:

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Button = script.Parent
local updategui = game.ReplicatedStorage.Flag

	Button.Parent.Visible = false
	updategui.Value = "rbxassetid://6579887771"

Theres no way you are connecting to tje server, which is why, when you go on current server, it does not replicate.

I have tried but it didn’t work

You would need to fire an event to the server and have the server update it. You can’t change the server from a local script.

oh I see, well thanks for the information

Ok this is quite simple. So you need to understand the basics of FilterEnabled to understand your problem. Basically, the player can modify however he wants the game on his computer. But all changes wont impact the server itself because it will not replicate. On the other hand, all changes made on the server will replicate on the clients computer. To replicate something to the server, you must use a RemoteEvent. Here is the API: RemoteEvent | Roblox Creator Documentation

FilterEnabled basically stops the player from modifying the server however he wants and adds a lot of protection against exploiters/scripters.

To understand the word replicate, see it as cloning or mirroring. Your computer will mirror everything the server sends you. But the server wont look at what your computer is doing and will therefor not mirror any changes made on the clients side.

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Tried what? Hhhhhhhhhy5eudjfeee

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