Gui Changes show to everyone

Hello there!
Lets say I got a script in my gui
it will print the same number to everyone


Do think you can elaborate on your situation a little more?

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To do that you’ll need to do a server script, you can do anything to any players using one.

edit: If you could clarify a bit more though

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You can add a value on workspace and make the script on the GUI get the value, Or just use FireAllClients() on a remote event

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Use a remote event, on the server it’d be this

local amountplayers = game.Players:GetPlayers()

for i,v in pairs (amountplayers) do
Remote:FireClient(v, math.random(1,20)
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I don’t think you’d need a remote for that, depending on your situation.

Though, you given vague details about what you want. You can just run a simple print(math.random(1, 20)) with a ServerScript, which everyone will see. If it was LOCAL, however, only the said client can see that change.