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Recently I made an Admin GUI and scripted the admin for what my game needs. I would like some feedback on what I can do to make the GUI better. The game will be a colorful/cartoony style so I made the Guis similar to that style.


This gui is tweened to slide from the side when pressed.

FB2 - Copy The announcement GUI does a typing effect when used.

FB3 - Copy

FB4 - Copy


I wouldn’t use so much colors, I would stick to around 4 or so. The contrast isn’t great. Apart from that the padding and such is great! Nice job.


Interesting, I will probably take your suggestion and change a few of the colors. Thank you for your response!


This actually looks really nice, Developer. Amazing job!

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Would it look the same for mobile players or would it look out of place? On some games the GUI’s like that don’t look right and make it nearly impossible to play for people on mobile. Just looking out for people on mobile but otherwise good job. God bless

These UIs you’ve designed look nice. I’d recommend working on contrast, scaling, and padding/positioning for your UIs you’ve designed.

As @StodiusDev has said, use less colors. Using color with your UIs is great and all, but, I think if you do not structure your colors properly, it can get a bit overwhelming.

Many UX designers say that using too many colors can be overwhelming, so I’d also recommend using less colors for your UIs.

In conclusion, I think your UIs are good, but with working on some things I’ve mentioned above would definitely make it so that your UIs look nicer and cleaner.

Good work with these UIs you’ve designed. :+1:

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Hey, @j8cksxn. This “Admin GUI” you made is excellent. I like how it looks and the choice of colors you used. I like the font that you used. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, lol this was so long ago I kind of forgot about this. Unfortunately, I think I ended up scrapping the whole project anyways,

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