GUI design. How is it

Hello, please can I have some feedback on this GUIs?

Which is best
  • Top version
  • Bottom version
  • Not these

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i feel like first one is more consistent, it looks great! i’d recommend changing the “:eye:” and settings button to have sharper edges/background like the rest of the elements, overall i like these:)!

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The first one seems more open spaced for the player to view, so I say the first

Those GUI’s look really great though overall! Although I do see that weird small shift between the “Shop” & “Camera” icons on the first image (Not sure if it’s that major though)


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I prefer the icons of the second one, but the design of the GUI of the top version. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The interface is too large, you need to make everything in it smaller also, don’t put everything in a bunch of corners you do not want a ton of travel time for your interface, there are no reason settings, and what I assume the eyeball is spectating to be in separate corners. Also, try using different font weights like the theme should be bold since it’s important information. Hopefully, some of what I have said helps, I like the overall idea!

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The design looks cool, but I agree with @PictureFolder, try making the interface smaller.

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Like this, just keep doing this.