Gui doesn't go up once countdown is finished

So I’m trying to make a timer that shows up on the screen. The problem is that the timer doesn’t go back up when the countdown is done.

I tried turning Visible to false and just setting the position but it still doesn’t go up.

	for i = Time,1,-1 do
		script.Parent.Countdown.TextLabel.Text = tostring(i)
    --The code that doesn't work

The countdown itself works but the code going up doesn’t. I also don’t get any errors.

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Have you tried troubleshooting with print()?

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Yes, I put print commands before and after the line and they all printed

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Not sure if this is the issue but you havent told the tween how long you want it to play. Try add 0.5,true at the end of the tween functions.

@BanTech @Boatbomber @sleitnick

You accidentally put the -0.25 in the X offset part instead of the Y scale which I assume you were aiming for. You’ve tweened a quarter of a pixel to the left, rather than 25% upwards. Oops!


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Thank you so much for your help! flame and I have been working on a game for 5-6 months, this was one of the last bugs we had to fix before testing! Once again, thank you so much!