Gui doesn't pop up

Okay so One of the Guis does work, but the rest never seems to show up at all and I’m not sure why?

I don’t need any actions right now, I just want another gui to pop up
This is the list of all guis I’m using atm.


Oddly, only the couch part work, but not the rest. They’re just all texts too.

This is what it looks like in action:

but the rest doesn’t seem to pop up either, despite that they’re all linked in different guis.

This is the codes just to show what it looks like.

Each guis had a different file name to connected to each part, and they’re all Proxprompt.

Try a workaround with one single ScreenGui for all frames each. This will certainly cut down the count of scripts to one only, since you will only work with the one and only ScreenGui handling the response GUI from action.

Any errors in your output? My guess is you have made a typo but I could be wrong.

I thought the same but doesn’t seem like it.

From those errors it looks like the script isn’t a child of the proximity prompt.

You probably parented the ProximityPrompt in the wrong part, it should be inside the a room tv Part?