Gui element is not being shown in explorer when created by scripts

So recently I encountered a strange bug - the gui elements are not being shown in the explorer, but are shown in the game window.

For example, LocalScript (that is located in StarterGui) creates a new frame, and assigns its parent to StarterGui.ScreenGui. It is being shown on the game window itself (of course from client), but is not shown in the Studio Explorer, not on client (from StarterGui) nor on server (I am watching from Players.NAME_OF_YOUR_PLAYER.PlayerGui).

I tried to make the topic understandable. If you have any other questions - ask.

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i did not read that last part sorry…

What do you mean by that?

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(you start hearing demonic noises)

LocalScript-instantiated instances are not visible from server. Please look from client view and server view to see where it is and if it’s being replicated.

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I said in post - they are not.