GUI Feedback | Cutscene

Hello! I’m currently working on my high pace story FPS, I have this one cutscene where the player is knocked down and is knocked into reboot mode, This is the GUI so far, Apart from music, what do you guys think should be added? (Voiceline done by a friend)


Please update me when it has music, seems pretty cool.

Althought I would personally make the loading bar just expand on X axis, it should automatically be that big on Y axis personally.

Ill be sure to post more! Music is coming in 5 days or so, and then ill have to animate the actually cutscene and triggers aswell.

This is really good. How’d you make this anyways? Also there is one part that doesn’t move very smoothly. The one that states (well, i’d like to add one more) I would make it switch from acceptance the same way the others do if you understand what i’m trying to say.

Hey there! I’ll be sure to fix that, just a slight tweak in the wait() in the code, I made this using tweens aswell as a fake timer counting up.

I think it’d look better if the loading bar also flickers out instead of shrinking out and have the word “Revenge” flash up in a bigger, different font.