Gui Function onTouched Detector?

So basically have been thinking of how to drag the inventory item to the inventory slots but I have no idea how to do it

is there an touched event for Gui’s specifically when it gets touched by other UI?

I don’t believe there is an touched event for UI collision although it’s not difficult writing your own. If I were in your exact position I would make a magnitude-type script for gui’s to check the difference in their positions for collision.

example? it may give me an idea

I mean, I can’t give sample code right now, because it requires planning, but it would be something to do with subtracting their positions to get the distance from each gui, but you also have to take screen size into consideration.

In my guess you can first of detect if the position is changed. Then if you calculate YourPointFrame.AbsolutePosition.X - YourFrame.AbsolutePosition.X you get a value which is either lower or higher than 0 depending on where your PointFrame is. Afterwards you can check if the value is lower than the PointFrame.AbsoluteSize.X/3 or 2, 4, … and the same with higher for the minus Axis. Now you should also do this for the Y Axis. Then you should be able to detect if the Frame youre moving is at your Inventory Position.