GUI lobby or in-engine lobby (personal preference?)

Title pretty much says it. My game is designed for 2 teams of 1-4 players each. (Probably adding a co-op survival mode too). So I need to make a lobby system where people can pair up, pick game settings, and wait for enough people to join so they can be teleported to the gameplay.

I’ve seen this done with 2d menus and buttons and chat, and I’ve also seen games where you’re in a literal lobby in a 3d building, and you walk your avatar into a waiting area or through a door to start the game. Often combined with an in-engine leaderboard, shop kiosks, etc.

I’m inclined to go with the in-game one just because it would be an excuse to showcase some 3d modeling and environment design in a game that otherwise has very lttle of that. And I know Blender a lot better than I know Roblox’s GUI system.
On the downside, it’s going to take extra time and create a lot of worldbuilding / implicit backstory work for myself when it’s not really the kind of game that calls for that.

And it occurred to me- I’m not even sure if most people would rather have the 3d lobby. Is there a consensus those are “better”? Would the only reason to go with GUI menus be because you lack the modeling resources, or are there design resons to prefer that? I’m not making a social or role-playing game- more something for playing a quick match against friends- and that might be a case favoring the 2d lobby.

So, which do you like more and why?

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3d if you wish to insert some immersion for the user, idk how the game will be or where, but since you said ‘’ survival ‘’

while 3d you can add some epic showcase, this gives good vibes to the game and first impression, also players would stay a lil bit looking around

while 2D you can, yes, create some background and stuff , but players may get curious about it and some would be quite disappointed since they can’t check closer,

both are good, but really depends if you wish for efficiency + aesthetics and immersion or

faster efficiency to play + aesthetics without total immersion, whatever, you can make some immersion with cameras and etc, preferences, of course