GUI Object BorderSizePixle > 1

Can we allow for borders to be created greater than one and rounded. Some small features I think would help. Maybe like linear and radial gradients as well. 99% of the Roblox GUIs suck right now. We need some new and better features.

I agree with this. I also think a thicker text outline would be nice.

“Maybe like linear and radial gradients as well.”

No thank you. I don’t want ugly MS-Word drawing style gradients all over people’s games.

At least right now with everyone using flat UI it looks sort of acceptable. Linear gradients are a way worse half-way point between flat UI and a properly designed nice UI with carefully crafted images.

Plus, we need to solve the property-proliferation under GUI objects before we actually add stuff like that.

Well you can already have BorderSizePixel greater than 1. It can go quite high actually.

I would like to have an implementation of border-radius if that’s ok.

Without using Images or the styles of Frame/whatever, thx.