Gui Question About Circular Style Dynamic Graphics

I would like to make a speedometer gui such as the image below, in which the bars increase as the speed increases. But I am unsure how to do this with guis, since the bars are in a circular pattern. How would I go about composing a gui that will allow me to turn individual bars on/off as the speed goes up and down?


SpriteSheet or maybe doing it Manually, by using a single bar for entire meter.

I’d hold all the individual bars in their own frame and rotate each piece to create a circle, then use scripting to toggle which bars should be visible based on speed.


My concern with the rotated frames method is trying to align the images. I usually use the gui position’s scale properties (rather than fixed offsets) so that the gui scales with device size. So aligning rotated images via scale properties may be difficult.

As long as you have the image in the exact middle, it should probably scale fine if it remains a perfect circle. Easy way to do this is to set the anchor point to the center (0.5, 0.5)

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I have a dynamic arcing GUI which scales just fine. You just how to be careful in the setup process.